How to get in touch with us


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Do you have an extension number?

Enter the extension only after being prompted by the system.
You may call any department and will be connected world-wide.
Call your regional department or one of the following departments:

+49 30 20898 4633

+49 69 67830 6193

+49 211 247 90703


Customer contact

You can find your personal contact in the help sections
within your online customer access, our software or within our mobile applications.
The following contacts can be reached in addition 24/7.

Employee contact

Preferred contact is through internal extension numbers.
During business trips use the following numbers (24/7).
You will need your employee number and your passcode.

Students contact | ISQ.Academy

Students can contact both university locations in Belgium and the United States through the following numbers. Please note that you have local phone numbers in Belgium or the United States printed individually on your student ID card. Your desired call partner may not be available during term-time or outside consultation hours.
Berlin: +49 30 20898 4636
Frankfurt/Main: +49 69 67830 6196
Duesseldorf: +49 211 247 90706

In case you lost your student ID card please call either 60600 on an internal telephone or through your ISQ.student-App on your cell phone.

Postal addresses

Please do not send in packages of any size. Only letters will be processed and forwarded.
If you wish to send in a package contact us.
A shipping label will be generated for parcel collection and delivery to a parcel HUB including redirection ID.