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We bring you the latest news and information from nearly every country worldwide. With journalists and editors in establishments in 112 countries and cooperation with freelancers we cover news from even remote areas and unexpected branches. Information can be easily filtered and selected by using our software or web and mobile applications. In addition our specialists help our customers in finding and selecting the information they expect for their media. No endless queues, no mass call-centers, but specialists in their fields with the aim to help any kind of customers as good and fast as possible - 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • International News

    We cover all international news and make them available for you in text, video, pictures and audio.

    News and the stories behind:
    • Providing you with the current news and all relevant background information.
    • There is no faster way: Our time lag is minimal.
  • Regional and Local News

    Regional and local news are becoming more and more important for media.

    Comprehensive coverage:
    • Coverage of even local news from small cities.
    • Cooperation with freelancers worldwide for highest possible coverage in every country.
  • Realtime Data

    Some information need to be provided an real-time such as market information and news from sports events.

    We provide real-time data 24 hours per day:
    • All exchange markets.
    • Global and regional sports events, even many local events.
  • Product Tests

    We offer intense testing of products from electronic devices over automotive to over-the-counter medicines and reach nearly every second household within the European Union through our customers*.

    Additional features:
    • Specialized editorial teams for product tests.
    • More than 40% of all product tests within Europe are provided by ISQ.networks* (*see details for more information).


Exabytes of footage

We offer you pre-rendered material: exabytes of film, stock and audio files.

In addition as a customer you can use our integrated shop to buy footage from partners and save up to 25%. Learn more and contact our representatives.

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